Mild Hybrid System with Turbo - Efficiency with Enthusiasm


全新Qashqai Turbo Mild Hybrid

A mild hybrid shows enhanced fuel efficiency compared to a traditional petrol engine, specifically in urban driving scenarios and emits less CO2 emissions whilst driving. The mild hybrid system features a lithium battery that stores energy recovered during braking. The recovered energy supports the vehicles electrical systems allowing the start/stop system to activate in more situations to enhance fuel efficiency. Furthermore, aluminium has been used on the doors, bonnet & wings to reduce weight and improve performance.

Turbo Engine

The refined and reputable 1.3 DiG-T petrol engine has been improved further for new Qashqai with 50 newly designed components and Euro6-d full compliance.The turbo charger now features an electrically controlled waste gate for quicker response; new nozzles improve the central injector; reduced friction across a number of components improve CO2; and the gas particulate filter features a new substrate and under floor catalyst.

全新Qashqai Turbo Mild Hybrid - 全新Xtronic波箱


Qashqai’s next-generation Xtronic Continuous Variable Transmission gives you a smooth connected drive, while steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters let you enjoy greater control.

Drive Modes

With 3 drive modes to choose from,  Qashqai can help you get the most out of any situation.

全新Qashqai Turbo Mild Hybrid - 駕駛模式