Electrify your 4x4 experience with e-4ORCE

e-4ORCE -- Nissan's electronic four-wheel drive system specially developed for pure electric drive, combined with the brand's experience in developing the ATTESA E-TS four-wheel drive system used in high-performance models and Patrol's intelligent 4x4 system, it provides the best traction and tracking performance.

Among the brand-new dual motor systems that provide a total of 213 PS surging horsepower output, the rear motor output is 100kw, and at the same time it is nearly 10,000 times higher than the rear drive torque response in the traditional four-wheel drive system, making the acceleration more significant and smooth, 0-100km/ h only takes 7 seconds to accelerate, which is refreshing and neat.

Nissan X-Trail Driving on the road and motor NIM