VQ engine series

The VQ engine series won the “Ten Best Engine Award”presented by the US automotive journal “Ward’s AutoWorld” for 14 consecutive years.

Powered by Nissan's famous high-performance VQ35DE V6 engine and Advanced Xtronic CVT M-6 transmission with 6-speed manualshift mode, the ELGRAND Restyle delivers up to 280PS peak horsepower.

ELGRAND Restyle high-performance VQ35DE V6 Engine

Make a New Start With Innovative Approach

The ELGRAND Restyle's front-engine front-wheel drive platform benefits from Nissan's excellent fine-tuning on suspension, engineposition and chassis, giving it a low center of gravity. Along with the longer wheelbase and flat floor design, it provides a comfortable ride for passengers compared to traditional MPVs. The hidden luggage area boasts ample storage capacity. In addition, the 73L fuel tank isoptimized for cross-border transportation traveling across Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

Make a new start with innovation approach